Winches—the most useful off-road equipment you can buy

When you're adventuring in remote areas, a winch is a worthwhile investment. Quality winches make easy work of removing fallen trees, boulders and getting you out of sticky situations when the going gets tough. Not all winches are created equal, so be sure to talk to our team at Tamworth 4x4 Pty Ltd. We'll help you choose a winch to suit your needs and vehicle, plus we'll even mount it for you.
Car Winches — 4WD Parts & Repairs in Tamworth, QLD

Do I Really Need a Winch For My 4x4?

If you enjoy rock crawling or exploring off the beaten track, a winch is exceptionally handy for clearing trees or boulders blocking your way. Additionally, if you enjoy river crossing, beaches or mudding, a winch could be a lifesaver if you become stuck.

Having pulling power in case of an emergency provides peace of mind, but if you don't really venture off the main streets or travel in convoys with winch-equipped 4WDs, it's not necessary.

Electric Winches

We supply and install Ironman 4x4 Monster winches, which have been designed and developed to endure the toughest Australian conditions. Ironman constantly redesigns and upgrades their technology, and their 12v electric winches have stronger motors, heavy duty casings and a motor breather to prevent overheating.

To get your 4x4 rescue ready or equipped to take on the roughest terrain, talk to our Tamworth 4x4 team today.