Bull Bars

Bull bars from Tamworth's 4-wheel drive specialists

We stock bull bars from some of the world's most reputable brands to suit most makes and models. Get the protection your 4x4 deserves—designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the demands of the Australian lifestyle. Let us help you make an informed decision and pick the right bull bar for your vehicle.

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Car Bull Bars — 4WD Parts & Repairs in Tamworth, QLD

Why You Need Bull Bars

Aside from looking grunty, Bull bars provide protection for your vehicle from animal collisions, debris and are a mounting platform for accessories like antennas, lights, recovery points, and winches.

Alloy vs Steel

Alloy bars don't provide the heavy-duty protection you get from steel bull bars, but they are lighter and won't detract from the handling of your vehicle. Lighter bull bars increase the lifespan of your tyres and suspension, yet they aren't designed to carry the weight of a heavy-duty winch. If alloy is your choice, you may need to consider the installation of a winch cradle. Fortunately, our 4x4 experts can guide you through the purchasing process to get the right type of bull bar for your 4WD.

Airbag Compatibility

Most modern 4WDs are fitted with airbags, so it's important to ensure your bull bars is compatible with the airbags installed in your vehicle. Other performance features that may be affected by bull bars are emergency braking, cruise control, lane departures, and parking sensors. Unless you speak fluent 4x4 like our team, we recommend you talk to us first.