4x4 parts, sales and installation from Tamworth's experts


For a comprehensive range of 4WD spare parts, repairs and accessories, you can't beat Tamworth 4x4 Pty Ltd. We are authorised agents for Ironman 4x4 and Terrain Tamer. Our team is passionate about all aspects of off-roading, so whether you're looking for advice on the best tracks for beginners or want to make sure your vehicle is in top-notch condition for your next road trips, we'll ensure you have everything you need.
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4WD Services


Ensure your 4WD is ready for your next off-road adventure, fully specced with the latest in accessories and road legal. From the latest in UHF radios installed to rego checks, our automotive repair shop has exactly what you require. Book a service
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Being able to communicate via UHF radio is convenient and crucial for your safety, particularly when you're out of cellphone range. We stock devices from basic walkie-talkies to top-of-the-range CB radios at competitive prices. View UHF radios
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Bull Bars


Bull bars provide your vehicle with added protection from animal impact and hazards. They also double as a great place to mount rated recovery points and accessories. Visit our showroom to see our range of big brand names. View bull bars
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Roof Racks


Rack systems make load securing a breeze. We supply and install full roof kits and stock spare parts for maintenance and repairs. View roof racks
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Power take-off, hydraulic, electric and manual winches can be useful to help recover vehicles in sticky situations. Our team has the expertise to help you select the best option for your 4x4. View Winches
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Camping Gear


Get all the camping products you need to make life on the road more enjoyable. You'll find everything you need from rooftop tents to lighting solutions. View Camping Gear



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